Spirit Sounds

Spirit Sounds contains a wide variety of pieces which range from prayers & poems to reflective essays.  May they assist you in your journey

Spirit Sounds
From a Seed, A Flower Grows!



Spirit Sounds . . .

Spirit Sounds is a Sacred Space

where you can come again and again for Reflection, Meditation, and Renewal.


Geometric Drawing by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee - An Avenue for Healing

Sacred Drawing

The Arts can often be an avenue for processing and healing.  The geometric drawing of the Flower of Life by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, is a piece she created in Memory of her nephew, Joshua Kendall Tourjee.  This was a part of her processing of his untimely death.  The piece holds the colors of nature, the desert, and the waters.  Blessed Be.



Deep Peace in Nature!

Reflections by the Sea

Sometimes the most profound moments come when we set ourselves “apart” – perhaps a time of reflection at the sea, or near another body of water; or a favorite space in nature!


Welcome to Spirit Sounds!

May it be your own space for personal retreat!