Geometric Drawing by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee - An Avenue for Healing
Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry Drawing, by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee


Today I drew a Sacred Geometry Card,
asking the Divine Source what we need to know concerning Covid-19.
THE CARD:  Continuous Proportion, gave this message:
The situation at this time is very delicately balanced.
Any action taken, any change made, will affect everything else.
Patterns set in motion are not random.
They are precise reflections of
what we choose to do,
how we do it,
and, what our motives are.
Everything in the Universe is connected
to everything else.
There is a saying from the Ancient Ones:
“Thou canst not touch a flower without troubling a star.”
Be Well.
Choose Well.
Deep Peace. 
This is the Message Received for This Day of the Pandemic, 13April2020
Card Drawn:  26   Continuous Proportion
From Techniques for Geometric Transformation by John Michael Greer