“Gestures are a simple language that transcends national barriers and even personal conversation.  We don’t have to say hello, we just wave.  We don’t need to say we’re sorry; we can simply strike our breasts.  Gestures help us to communicate what we’re feeling without having to say a word.  They are the language of emotion.  . . .

Friedrich Engles wrote once, ” An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.”  . . . Go to a sacred spot to pray – or – regularly “give yourself” to some conscious, tangible embodiment of God’s presence in your life.  Action — gesture — ritual — is what connects us to the center of ourselves” — to God.


Posted: August 6, 2010
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee


Praise from the Heart

It’s one thing to sing “alleluia.”  

It’s another thing entirely 

to lift up our hands to the sky 

when we say it.  

One is an idea.  

The other is feeling.

Praise the Lord from the Heart!

Source:  Listen with the Heart: Sacred Moments in Everyday Life by Joan Chittister


Posting: July 29, 2010
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee