There are junctures in life when we encounter hardship in that journey. Sometimes the causes are from the outside world, sometimes from within us.  Hardship comes in many forms.  Our relationship with the outside world, with relationships, and within our own center are key factors. 
In the I Ching, hexagram 39 is called “Hardship”, and these are words of guidance from that text which I share with you today:

If one loves others,

and they do not respond in the same way, 

one should turn inward and examine one’s own love.

If one treats others politely,

and they do not return politeness,

one should turn inward and examine one’s own politeness.

When one does not realize what one desires,

one must turn inward and examine oneself in every point.

Hexagram 39:  Mencius resonating with Confuscious
The Complete I Ching:  A  Definitive Translation
Posted:  July 16, 2020
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee


The Times We Are Living In
Call for Us to Stay Apart from the Masses.
Now is the Time
For Personal Retreat
A Time for Meditation and Prayer.
Following the Guidance of the I Ching,
Be aware that there are those who may want to draw you out.
Now is the time to say, “No”.
Honor yourself and the well-being of others.
Stay apart.
Posting:  April 22, 2020
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Things Are Not What They Seem

Sometimes, things are not what they seem.
The message was strong.
I was awakened at 5:30 a.m.
Hearing clearly that I must check the message 
by reading the I Ching for the date and time. 

The message was so pertinent to our days in which we now live.

There was the image of a face, “masked by a beard”.

Looking upon the person, 
All one tended to see was “the beard” –

and for many, it was “the beard” that defined the person.

Yet, in reality, “the beard” is controlled by the movement of the jaw.

“Who is the person behind that beard?”

Who is the person behind the mask?

 It is important to KNOW the Essence of the Person,

Not just the outer adornment.

 Today, there are “masks” in many forms

camouflaging the reality of the person.

 Can we see beyond the mask?
This is message of gua 22 Grace, Line 2.