“EL” is the first name given for God.  This name holds the image of God — male and female, all encompassing, diverse, many faces, many names.    And so I use “EL” as I speak of God today. 

But who am I , and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this?  Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.

1 Chronicles, 29: 14

Hands, Lord —

Your gift to us.

We stretch them up to You.

Always You hold them.

Your hands,


became a sign

of Your love

no time can erase.

Your hands

which have us

inscribed on their palms,

pour down blessing

on the details of our days.

Laurel Bridges
from the Celtic Daily Prayer
Posted:  July 14, 2020
Rev. mary Ann Tourjee


There is no doubt that there are times when we are facing obstacles, standing on the edge of the precipice, feeling “I cannot bear any more!”  There are times of great grief and loss that feel unbearable, and in many ways seem to be.  And, we are told that “God holds ALL OF OUR TIMES in the Palm of EL’s Hand”.  That verse has carried me through such times;  know that although I may feel I am dangling from a finger, God will gently pull me back into the Center of “EL’s Hand”.  I use the name for God – “EL” – because it encompasses all aspects of God – Male and Female. 

It is such a great comfort in knowing

the Lord never gives us more than we can bear;

and that in all that befalls us,

She is there to care for us,

He is there to tend to us,

EL is there to provide for us,

all in Unconditional Love –

Abundance overflowing!

Posted: July 13, 2020
Rev. mary Ann tourjee


Divine Love:
Constant as the Rhythm of the Waves
I write this using the language of Madeleine L’Engle, who shared that she chose to use the word “EL” in place of the word “God.” Why?  Because in Genesis we are told that God holds both and male and female as part of God.  But, our word “God” has been used as only a masculine word, not reflecting the All.  Another word for “God” is “El” which holds both male and female in its being.  
On behalf of LGBTQ and the Divine Essence in All, I write today.
I Celebrate the Unconditional Love of “EL”!
In the midst of turmoil, disappointment, heartache . . .
It is a comfort to remember 
to know that 
of our Our Times 
Are Held
In the Palm of EL’s Hand.
No matter how calm; No matter how rough;
No matter how shattering 
the waves of life may be
We are Always Held 
In the Hand of EL.
And EL is as Constant as the Rhythm of the Waves.
EL does not forsake us.
Humanity may, but not Divine Source.
Churches are meant to be
The House of EL.
Sadly, many have forgotten
what that means.
Sadly, many are too eager to condemn
to “play at being god” 
rather than Trusting in the Unconditional Love of EL.
A Messenger Came –
The Son of EL.
His Name was Jesus.
His Message was Unconditional Love.
He overturned the tables at the Church of Man.
And The Divine Son was crucified.
But that Unconditional Love 
could not be eliminated!
When a church forgets the Heart,
and chooses to condemn, 
to throw-out
what the leaders judge – pronounce as unworthy,
then it becomes a church of man; 
it is no longer
a House of EL.
As word of condemning decisions for LGBTQ were announced
in these past days by the United Methodist Church, 
My heart grew heavy with grief –
a sorrow as deep as the sorrow 
I felt on 9/11.  
The feeling is so similar. 
It is a feeling of betrayal, 
of attack . . . 
Words echo . . . 
 “. . . first they came for . . . and then they came for me!”
I am reminded of a sermon that I wrote after 9/11.
It was about EL and the sea.
It was about the rhythm of the waves . . 
the waves
pulling back, revealing
the sacred —
only to return and wash over andover and over again.
 And there is that moment when
we can stand on the freshly washed sand –
we can stand with the Sacred
feeling Ultimate Divine Love.
Love Powerful Beyond Measure.
And when that Unconditional Love is Truly Experienced
In that Moment
All else falls away.
All else is washed away
by the Divine Energy Waves Upon the Sand.
It is my prayer this day,
that the Heart of Unconditional Love
may return to our country,
return to our people,
return to our churches.
May we experience
the Joy of New Life!
May crucifixion cease to be the choice.
May Unconditional Love 
Be Lived By All!
As We Worship,
Wherever We Choose; 
May We Experience
Unconditional Love.
May It Be a Place — A Space — Where All Are Seen
As Holding the Divine Spark Within!
May we never forget
that EL does not abandon us.
EL Holds Us – Holds All of Us –
In the Palm of Their Hand.
EL is Male and Female
All in One.
EL is Love.
God is EL.
May the Doors Be Opened,
Not Closed.
Posted: March 5,  2019
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee