Celebrate the Light

Today is Easter Sunday.
Traditionally, it is a day when families come together
to break bread, enjoy a meal . .  . 
and if there are young children,
have an Easter Egg Hunt.
But, this is not a traditional Easter.
Instead of being together,
we are apart.
Yet, the Essence of This Day has not changed.
In fact, the absence of loved ones, makes it more profound.
And our willingness to “be apart” is an Act of Love.
If we step back in time,
To the Time of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ,
It was a very dark time.
It was a time when the people
had to be filled with fear, 
filled with an overwhelming sense of darkness.
It was a time
When the Light seemed to have disappeared.
We Can Celebrate 
The Awakening of the Light
Within Each of Us!
Make this a Day of Celebrating the Light Within You.
Make this a Day of Remembering 
When You Have Experienced
The Light of Love in Someone Else.
Those Times of Unexpected Kindness from a Stranger —
That was an an Encounter with the Christ Light.
Remember, Love.
Today, for so many is filled
With the Grief of the Loss of a Loved One.
On that First Easter Morning,
The Followers of Jesus, The Christ,
Were fearful and grieving 
the brutal crucifixion
of the man, Jesus.
Many, did not know immediately that He had Arisen!
For many,
That First Day,
Was a Day of Darkness —
Yet the Light — the Christ,
Was Walking Among Them! 
In what must be an overwhelming darkness,
an overwhelming time of sadness and fear,
the Light of Christ Shines!
Celebrate the Light, 
No Matter How Dark Life Seems.
Write a Letter to Someone You Love.
Do an Act of Kindness for Whomever Is Sequestered With You!
If You are Alone, Know That the Christ Light is Always With You!
Show Love to Yourself.
Take some paper.  Cut it into smaller pieces.
Write a Thank You for the Nurses, the Doctors, 
The Custodians, the Police, the Home-Health-Care Workers . . .
Write a thank you for a stranger’s random act of kindness to you.
Write a thank you for . . .,
A time of love . . . A time of being made to feel worthy . . . 
A time of knowing someone honored you . . .
A time when you honored the Light in another . . . 
Write your papers, one by one.  Fold each into a small square.
See the tears that you may shed today,
As Liquid Light Flowing From You . . . Liquid Love Flowing From You!
Celebrate the Gift of the Light of Love!
 Create a Light Box or a Light Jar,
And put your papers that you have written into the box. 
It is a Gift of Love — 
A Thank You For You!  You Carry the Light Within You!
And, on those days which seem to be filled with darkness,
Remember Your Light Box.
Go to it, reach in and take one of your papers.
Read what you wrote on this Easter Sunday,
Celebrate the Light!
This is an Easter 
We will All Remember.
Perhaps it is the closest we may come to that First Easter.
Make Way! Make Way! For the Beautiful Being Light!
Each and Every Day
Celebrate the Light! 
Posted: april 12, 2020
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee