Dolphin Divine

On Wednesday night, June 2, 2010, at the Spiritual Healing Temple we hold a weekly Women’s Guided Meditation.  This week our meditation took us to the Gulf of Mexico.  As I meditated, I felt my heartbeat begin to race.  I was told deep within, that this was the heartbeat of the life of the sea creatures in the Gulf at this time. My heartbeat became one with their’s.  I was with them.  As meditation ended, and the channeling began, I was again pulled out to the Gulf.  Only this time my journey took me to deep depths, and I came eye-to-eye with the Dolphin. My heartbeat was racing again.  I can still see vividly the Dolphin’s face and the eye that peered into mine.  As the Dolphin and I gazed into each other’s eyes, our soul energy connected.  Did you know that Dolphin Energy is Divine?  As I “connected” with the Dolphin, going deeper and deeper and deeper into It’s Energy, my heart slowed to a gentle imperceptible level.  It was a time of deep peace.  I felt as if I could stay there with the Dolphin for  . . .    Yes, it was a coming into oneness with the Divine. 

Later, when I returned to my physical body, sitting in meditation, I learned that they had been calling me back for quite some time.  I am back, but I carry the “the Eye of the Dolphin” deep within me, and I know that we are forever connected. God – Present. 

Posted: June 3, 2010
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee