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The Postings on Spirit Sounds are either written or moderated by the Administrators of this site.  They cover a wide focus.  It is our hope that this site will be for you a sacred space, which assists you in this earth walk.  Take care in these challenging times – may you find your own special deep peace within.

Blessings of Light!



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Can you find me?

Can you Find Me?    

Celebrating Divine Source

Having the Eyes to See the Divine All Around!

We Invite You  to Take a Moment and See What Surrounds You!  Have you ever thought of the precision required in creation to produce the all the life that surrounds us every day?  Take a moment – go in your yard and see what you can discover!  Take a walk, pause and let your eyes really SEE what is there!  Open your ears to hear the songs of the birds, the laugh of a child! 

Let everyday be a Celebration of Creation!

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