Light Within – When Spirit Speaks

It is in reflecting, looking back, that we can often see those moments When the Sacred Speaks.  These are divine moments, a time that is sacred.  In these past few days, such moments have been present, and today I share them with you.

As our much loved Siamese cat, Royal, was moving into decline in this 18th year, Nancy and I knew his time was short.  A few days ago, we had taken some time sitting outside.  As we were walking through our yard, a small white feather appeared.  Nancy said, “Oh, we must take the feather!”  Carefully, it was tucked away, and we continued our walk.  A few steps later, as I looked down another feather appeared.  Carefully, I picked it up and gave it to Nancy to keep with the other.  Life continued with growing awareness that Royal seemed to be on his final path with us. 

A few days later, as we “knew” it was time, I sought  guidance in the I Ching, an ancient sacred text.  In the guidance presented, it gave the image of a swan flying, dropping two feathers to the ground – a sacred gift.  In mystic tradition, the appearance of a feather indicates angelic presence. It was a message – “It is time”.

Another message came through just as we entered October 31st, just minutes after midnight – when the veil between the mortal world and spirit is thinnest.  As I checked the date and time of that moment of awaking, I sought guidance from the I Ching.  The guidance was that “it is time for the encounter.  Heaven is above, Wind is Below – The Sacred connecting with the Spirit.  Things were in perfect order.  Even the numerology of his name was the same as the number of the message!  In that reading, I knew things were coming into perfect order for Royal’s departure.

As the 31st unfolded, Royal was in his third day of refusing to eat, and barely drinking.  He now was sequestering himself, and his beautiful Siamese voice had been silent for days.  We knew it was time to allow him to depart, and made necessary arrangements.  That morning Royal passed on.

Last night, I was awakened.  From the corner of my eye I saw clearly the Spirit of Royal passing through my room.  I realized that he had not yet “crossed over the bridge” – that he was in danger of being  a spirit “stuck” on the earth-plane.

Having assisted people who had departed in crossing the bridge, I knew I had to assist him.  So I centered; I prayed, calling-in the angels, the Christ, and St. Francis to assist; I began conversation with the Spirit of Royal.  I told him that I loved him, and released him to go on – that he did not have to stay here any longer.  As I looked across the bridge, I saw my mother & father & family dog, Brownie, appear on the other side, calling for him to come to them.  And in that moment, I watched Royal cross the bridge.  My mother lovingly picked him up on the other side.  I watched him leave the earth plane and enter the sacred. 

And then I knew – I saw the synchronicity of the messages of the past days – I was in awe!  For synchronicity to occur the Universe must be in perfect alignment!  It is beautiful.

Today, November 2, 2020, I lift-up thanksgiving to the angels and archangels, to the Christ, to St. Francis, to sacred texts – the I Ching. 

Lord, May I Have the Ears to Hear, the Eyes to See, the Wisdom to Know, and the Courage to Follow.  Amen.