I-Ching Study of the USA:  April 19 – 24, 2020

Drawing by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Insight from the I Ching Reading of the USA

The text focuses on the Leader of the Country – Our President:

It states that the main hindrance for the USA

is the standard by which the President appoints people:

appointing people by favoritism 

rather than by merit and ability.  

The text further states that the worst thing 

is for the President to appoint petty persons and to accept their slander.

The focal line for this period suggests

that the USA can get through this time of hindrance.


Much depends upon the President and his attitude. 

I Ching:  Gua 12, Line 2:  Hindrance. 
This gua appears  for April 19 – 24, and again Nov 26 – Dec 1, 2020.
This is from the I Ching Astrological Study of the Progressed Birth Chart of the United States of America, Winter Solstice 2019 – Winter Solstice 2020, prepared by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee.