A study of the progressions in “I ching Astrology” for the USA for April 13 – April 19, 2020 suggests that during these days there may be a push by one in high position “to open up the border regions of the country,” which will need the support of the people.

The I Ching advises that to achieve this, the Leader (i.e. the President) “needs an attitude of truthfulness and sincerity; 
otherwise people will not lend support.”
Furthermore, the Leader needs “to cultivate virtue, build-up character,  accumulate knowledge and experience, 
and work hard to establish credibility.”
Additionally, there is the image one in a high level of Priesthood 
presenting offerings with faithfulness and sincerity to the Lord of Heaven. 
Gua 46  Growing Upward / Pushing Forward, Line 4
The Complete I Ching: The Definitive Translation, by Taoist Master Alfred Huang 
at this point in time,
there is a warning.
The I Ching warns that healthy growth may be in trouble,
due to the ignorance and immaturity of the Leader.
The image is presented of 
“stopping in perplexity on the brink of a dangerous abyss” —
there is uncertainty about which way to go.
A requirement is presented:
The one standing in this position must:
be “conscious of his lack of experience” 
and of his need to seek guidance from a teacher – 
from an expert in the field.
“Without this modesty and this interest
there is no guarantee that he has the receptivity,”
to allow himself to be respectful 
and show acceptance to the expert
and to what the expert has to share.
Furthermore, it is stated that this is why 
the expert cannot not go uninvited to him;  
The Expert / Teacher “must wait to be sought out 
instead of offering himself” to the Leader.
But — if the Leader seeks his service — the expert / teacher 
in the right time and right place, 
needs to
 be “clear and definite” in his guidance, 
resolve doubts 
and provide a basis for the decision to be made.
If the Leader — the one needing this guidance — 
continues “mistrustful or unintelligent questioning” [of the Expert / Teacher],
it will serve only to “annoy”,
and is the Expert is advised to stay silent and 
to not engage in further conversation with the Leader.
The progression concludes:
At this point in time, the Leader is in a state,
referred to as “Youthful Folly” which is a “most hopeless thing”.
 If The Leader “entangles himself in hopeless imaginings” 
and if he “more obstinately . . . clings to such unreal fantasies”,
then, “the more certainly will humiliation overtake him.”
Gua 4  Youthful Folly, Line 4
The I Ching Book or Book of Changes, Richard Wilhelm Translation
This is from the I Ching Astrological Study of the Progressed Birth Chart of the United States of America, Winter Solstice 2019 – Winter Solstice 2020, prepared by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee.
Posted:  April 13, 2020