In Elementary School,
We were taught:
Sticks and Stones
May Break Your Bones, 
Words Will Never Hurt You.
And even then, I knew Those Words were not true.
Teaches us —
If we have the Ears to Hear, the Eyes to See, and the Wisdom to Know.
When I was 14 years old,
I saw the pain on my mother’s face,
I Knew Something Was Wrong . . . 
I Heard the Words, 
“Your Father is Dead.”
When I was in 11th Grade,
We were told to write a Haiku.
I wrote:
The Words Fell Harshly,
Like Bombs on a Battlefield,
Crushing Hopes Within.
We shared our Haiku Writings in Class.
My Teacher responded to mine with alarm, 
with disbelief I could write words like that!
I could not understand his disbelief in their validity.
Today we live in a time when Words are being tossed around,
And Many of Those Words Hurt.
They Hurt for Many Reasons.
Go Gently into Your Days.
Hold Words Accountable.
Truth is Important.
 Words Can Break the Heart.
Words Can Destroy the Ability to Believe.
Words Can Uplift!
Words Can Be Beautiful!
Words Can Be Kind!
Words Need To Hold Truth.
Think Before You Speak.
Know the Power of Words.
Posted:  April 28, 2020
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Holding Light

We are living in a time
that calls us
to stand apart, 
like the Lighthouse
set apart unto itself.
Yet in its very being,
the Light pours forth
providing hope and guidance
for those set apart upon the sea,
finding their way home.
May we never forget,
that we hold a a great Light

within us. 

By Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee


The Times We Are Living In
Call for Us to Stay Apart from the Masses.
Now is the Time
For Personal Retreat
A Time for Meditation and Prayer.
Following the Guidance of the I Ching,
Be aware that there are those who may want to draw you out.
Now is the time to say, “No”.
Honor yourself and the well-being of others.
Stay apart.
Posting:  April 22, 2020
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee