There is no doubt that we are living in a time frought with tension, with crisis, with chaos, and hopes of peace amidst threats of war and turmoil.  We live at a time when children have been separated from parents who were seeking a better life for themselves and their children.  It is a time when many stumble, forgetting or not knowing what it means to care, TO BE the Hand of God that Holds ALL of Our Times.  

Today, I challenge all of us to remember that we are all called to the Light in this darkness, to be the Safe Haven, to be the Calm in the Storm.  If each of us can envision ourselves as the Beacon of Light — the Lighthouse — then one by one, we can show The Way to what it means to Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self.   Think about what that verse says.  We can only love another as much as we allow ourself to love our Self.  A few questions that we all need to explore are:

 “Do I love myself?”

“How is that love witnessed?”

“Do I care for my body, the Temple that Houses the Spirit?  How well do I feed it?  Do I Listen to What My Body Tells Me?  Do I Give It Rest, When It Cries for Rest?  Do I Thank My Feet For Carrying Me, Day By Day”  Do I  . . .  

“Can I look Myself In The Eyes In the Mirror and Say “You are a Beautiful Being of Light!  I Love You”!  Remember the Eyes are The Window to the Soul.  I challenge each of us to do this, Every Time We are In Front of a Mirror.  It can change our lives — and the lives of others!   

As we are willing and are embracing the beauty of the Spirit Within ourselves and others, we each become the Lighthouse.  We become the Calm in the Storm, the Light in the Darkness.  And one by one, We Can Shift the Energy of These Days To An Energy of Peace & Love & Caring for All — no matter what “garment” the Spirit is Clothed In.

May We All Be The Lighthouse, standing calm and constant, free of fear, embracing the Beauty of Diversity, Honoring the Life of All. 


August 9, 2018
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee