Spirit Sounds
From a Seed, A Flower Grows!

Every spring God shows over and over again that She is present calling forth new life. After the long cold of winter, we cry out in joy when those first blossoms appear.The new mother sheds tears of joy with the birth of the long awaited child.We receive the Gift.

In summer, surrounded now by this life maturing and now giving birth to the fruits and vegetables, we rush to the farmer’s market for that sweet taste that can only be found in this just pulled from the vine freshness.  And many “freeze” and “can” in hopes of capturing this gift, and experiencing it again when the snow.

This summer we are reminded that new life is fragile – that Gifts can be broken and even destroyed.  We feel the pain; we experience deep sorrow; we cry; we look to blame because we do not want to believe that in our complacency we, too, could be responsible; and we wait, hoping for miracles – knowing that this time the loss is too great. 

Consider today:  Do you have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to know, the wisdom to understand, and the courage to transform yourself into new life — into the living image of God in which you were created?  Are you ready for transformation?

Posted:  May 28, 2010
Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee